Sex Gets Real HIQI: Episode 77

Georgia O’Keefe was on to something.

Pussies are beautiful. Vulva are spectacular. And the problem is that too many vulva owners don’t realize this.

After reading an article on the alarming demand for reconstructive surgery on labia, Dawn and Dylan weigh in on the gloriousness of pussies.

Also, a listener writes in with a confession and we talk dick pics. Again.

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Episode breakdown

  • 0:20 – Support us by visiting our Patreon page. We love your support and we love doing the podcast..
  • 1:24 – Our listener, Haley, wrote in about being between two dicks in a five some at a pool party.
  • 2:52 – Shout out to Girl Boner for the post on how to respond to unwanted dick pics. Step 1: destroy him.
  • 3:36 – The unwanted, un-asked for dick pic is lame.
  • 4:10 – Check out this article on Australian doctors and the high popularity of vulva plastic surgery.
  • 5:13 – Labiaplasty is a procedure where your labia are cut and redesigned to look a certain way. But there are dangers to the surgery that often aren’t considered.
  • 5:37 – It’s important for all of us to see the wide variety of what is normal when it comes to vulva – different sized lips, different colors and gradients, different hoods over clits, different sized clits. It’s all OK and beautiful. There are books that demonstrate this variety beautifully. Check out Femalia. Dawn recommends it to many clients.
  • 5:48 – Not only is labiaplasty, or vulva reconstruction, incredibly expensive, cutting or changing highly sensitive tissue, then you could experience irreversible harm to your genitals that could compromise pleasure and experience.
  • 6:35 – The way your vulva looks changes throughout the course of your life. This is normal, healthy, and beautiful.
  • 6:58 – To help make everyone understand just how awesome your body is, as-is, let’s talk about pussies. Boom.
  • 7:00 – Of course, Dylan thinks we should just talk about pussies all the time. So, there’s that.
  • 7:23 – Dylan’s wife likes to say Dylan’s pussy is always hiding. It’s a tucked in kind.
  • 8:29 – Dylan loves “meat curtains”. Let’s discuss.
  • 9:38 – Dawn’s is pretty happy and open. Hello, here’s the stuff you want to play with!
  • 10:10 – Part of the fun is how we don’t all look the same, so it’s a yummy surprise to discover and explore. Yay diversity in pussies!
  • 11:04 – We don’t want to do something that could potentially take away from the pleasure. No matter what you look like, prioritize your pleasure over how it looks.
  • 11:53 – No matter what someone chooses to do with their body, we support that. But let’s make sure the choices come from an empowered, informed place rather than a place of shame or fear. Pussies are beautiful! Labia are yummy. In all their variety.
  • 13:10 – Soapbox time. Dawn has a message for everyone, regardless of your genitals. If your partner ever comments on how your body looks in anything other than an accepting and supportive way, get the fuck out. Done. You deserve better.
  • 15:23 – Body modification is awesome when it’s to align with your identity or because it’s something you want for yourself – top surgery or bottom surgery or anything that makes you feel more like you.
  • 15:49 – Does Dylan need a shirt that proclaims she’s a pussy connoisseur?
  • 16:20 – Someone at Woodhull made a joke about what happens to your boobs as you age. It was delightful.
  • 17:09Pick up the book, Femalia, pronto.
  • 17:52 – Let’s talk about pussies. Write in and tell us about yours, or ones you’ve loved and adored in all their glory.

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This week on Sex Gets Real, Dawn and Dylan talk about the beauty and diversity of pussies and vulva. Everyone has a right to do what they want with their bodies, but changing your genitals should not be something you do out of fear of not being normal. And pussies are pretty not matter how they look.

  • Dawn
  • September 20, 2015