Sex Gets Real HIQI: Episode 51

When we look at Google data about sex, what does it tell us?

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We were fascinated by a NY Times article on what people are searching for on Google. Read it here.

Guys are obsessed with cock size. Women are worried about how they smell. We’re all worried about how to be better in bed, why our partners won’t have sex with us, and how to say harsh things in a nice way.

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Listeners, what are you secretly searching for on Google when it comes to your body and your sex life?

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Episode breakdown

  • 0:43 – Dawn just wants you to know that if her partner had been in town for that aphrodisiac dinner, she would have done him in the car afterwards. It was that sexy.
  • 0:54 – Let’s talk about sex.
  • 1:13 – Searching for sex..what Google reveals about our sex woes.
  • 2:02 – Heterosexual dudes are reporting 1.6 billion condom uses per year, but based on sales that number is highly inflated. Folks aren’t being honest about the amount of safe sex they are having.
  • 2:22 – Women are reporting 1.1 billion. But fewer than 600 million condoms are sold per year. Where’s the disconnect?
  • 3:05 – Sexless marriage searches is significantly higher than any other kind of marriage complaint.
  • 4:19 – Sexless marriage, no sex marriage, sex-starved marriage, sexless relationships – that’s what people are searching for the most.
  • 5:11 – Dawn thought that the search “my ___ won’t have sex with me” would be mostly guys complaining about their girlfriends. But it’s actually the other way around. Guys aren’t having sex with their girlfriends and women are searching for it.
  • 5:59 – These numbers even out significantly when it comes to marriage. Isn’t that interesting?
  • 6:55 – What are we worrying about? Men are worried about their penis size across the board at alarming rates.
  • 8:05 – It’s heartbreaking seeing that guys are so worried about being too small. The data shows women really aren’t concerned with that at all. In fact, they are only worried about men being too big (which leads to tearing and bleeding – ouch!).
  • 8:37 – Top nine out of ten search phrases around the penis relate to size. The one outlier? “Why does my penis smell?” Dylan is not amused.
  • 9:09 – If you’ve got a dick that’s too big, it’s the worst thing ever.
  • 9:45 – Women rarely search about small dicks. Because women don’t care about size as much as guys do.
  • 11:00 – Sadly, men tie their masculinity to the size of their cocks. But a big cock does NOT make a good lover.
  • 12:02 – You can fuck the living daylights out of your partner regardless of dick size. Guys are so focused on the wrong thing.
  • 13:06 – Men’s second most common concern – premature ejaculation. But women have the opposite concerns – they want to make him come faster or know why he isn’t coming at all.
  • 14:37 – There is such a disconnect between heterosexual women and heterosexual men when it comes to sex and what matters.
  • 15:01 – Porn is as informative about behavior as a Hollywood blockbuster. You don’t watch Transformers to learn how to drive a car. You shouldn’t watch porn to learn how to have sex.
  • 16:09 – Women do have concerns about their pussy but it’s more about health, shaving, odor, and how it looks.
  • 20:07 – Tell us what it is you ask Google when it comes to sex, listeners. We want to know.

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On this episode of Sex Gets Real, Dawn and Dylan explore a recent New York Times article on what Google data shows we're searching for when it comes to sex. Sadly, it's mostly about penis size, vagina smells, and other insecurities. What are you searching for when you think no one is looking?

  • Dawn
  • March 22, 2015