Sex Gets Real: Episode 38

Let’s explore the asexuality spectrum while talking about 69 and TinderNightmares

Listener stories and emails galore. And we know, we know…some of you love 69. Since apparently we aren’t gifted in the same way some of you are, we hope your 69 adventures are hot and yummy… Olivia tells us a juicy story about a college girlfriend, a mirror on the ceiling, and some great spank bank material with her experience 69’ing. Also, a titty fucking story that we adore.

A listener wants to know what we think about demisexuality after reading this HuffPo article on it. Let’s explore sexual attraction versus sexual behavior, which are very different things. Plus, the asexuality spectrum goes from asexual to non-asexual, with demisexuals and gray-A’s being somewhere in the middle. Who knew there were so many options for describing your sexual attraction?

If you need a good laugh, or if you want your faith in humanity to take a total nosedive, check out @TinderNightmares and @ByeFelipe on Instagram. We REFUSE to allow any of our listeners to be like these dudes. Up. Your. Game.

Many giggles were also had over Buzzfeed’s Men Try Sex Toys For the First Time. So worth a watch. And if you’ve tried a Flashlight or similar, spill the beans. We want to hear it!

And we finally weigh in on Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi. Sexual assault and rape, victim blaming, and the importance of consent – which our listeners know is a recurring theme, but one worth repeating. Check out the Washington Post article on Cosby and the Dan Savage response to the Ghomeshi stuff. Good posts.

Looking for resources on demisexuality? Here are a few trusted resources where you can learn more.

  2. Asexual Visibility and Education Network’s wiki page on demisexuality
  3. Asexuality Archive

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  • Dawn
  • December 21, 2014