Sex Gets Real: Episode 30

Group sex and barbies. Just a normal day around Sex Gets Real headquarters.

IPCookieMonster, blogger at, joins us in the studio for all things threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes.

From tips for avoiding mediocre group sex to how to overcome the “lesbian sheep” moment in an FFM threesome (female-female-male), IPCookieMonster keeps us laughing and intrigued. With nearly 6 years in the poly scene, and almost 2 years in a triad, she has great ideas for interesting positions, keeping everyone involved in group scenes, and stresses the importance of great sex taking practice, practice, and more practice (something often overlooked in group sex hook-ups).

Plus, we’ve got listener questions on dorm orgies, titty overload, the virtue of female condoms, the best foursome positions, and what to do when the all-too-common uncooperative dick invades a night of fun.

Dying to see those Barbie group sex photos? Check out How to Have Awesome Threesomes without Intercourse, and the follow-up, FFM 3somes with Intercourse.

You can find IPCookieMonster on Twitter, too.

So, tell us listeners, what’s been your experience with group sex? And…can you possibly deny the awesomeness of female condoms after hearing all those selling points? Get thee to a bulk distributor immediately!

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  • Dawn
  • October 26, 2014