Sex Gets Real: Episode 26

We love listener questions and today is about feet and making love and new vibrators and more

Who actually likes scissoring? A listener claims it’s worse than 69. But we wonder…is that even possible?

A boyfriend just wants to massage his girlfriend’s feet, but she won’t let him. Does he give up? Dawn seems to be volunteering for that foot massage he so badly wants to give.

And what the heck is the difference between making love and getting your nasty on? One listener seems to be missing the mark. But on second thought, maybe his girlfriend isn’t being very clear about what she wants. Dylan suggested checking out for sensual porn, if anyone’s looking for tips.

Dawn’s excited about a new wearable vibrator by Crave called the Vesper. It’s hot. Take a look here. Isn’t it sexy?

Dylan takes issue with people wanting to borrow her dick. Hands off, people!

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  • Dawn
  • September 28, 2014