Sex Gets Real 150: Madison Young on DIY porn, parenthood, and submission

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This week, Madison Young is here to talk all about porn, submission, motherhood and sex, and her Erotic Film School, which I’m attending in a few weeks.

Madison has had the unique and powerful opportunity to document so much of her sexual journey and personal stories on film, thanks to porn. And now, she is hard at work writing books on submission and BDSM, DIY porn, and parenthood.

We roll around in all of the things she’s learned and experienced, plus we share our struggles as people who have trouble prioritizing self-care (which many of you can relate to).

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In this episode, Madison and I talk about:

  • Madison was just a judge at an erotic short film festival called Briefs. We talk about what that was like and what her favorite film was (shout out to Erika Lust!). Porn festivals and public erotic film watching are incredible.
  • Erotic Film School, which I’m attending, and Madison’s record enrollment for this year’s course. So many people are interested in learning how to film and create erotic film and porn for such a wide variety of reasons, which we need now more than ever.
  • Why DIY porn is so critical to our lives and our world – it’s the only artistic medium where we really document sex, and it’s also a way to engage with politics and create dialog around important issues.
  • How Madison got started in porn and why it ended up being such an important part of her work and her activism. The way she talks about it is absolutely enchanting.
  • Motherhood, pregnancy, and sexuality. Madison documented her sexual experience on film through pregnancy and after, and she wrote a book about it all.
  • What submission means to Madison and how it’s a part of her identity. Being a submissive has changed quite a bit over the years, and she shares a little of her journey with us, including what submission looks like with two young children and how she still makes time for these little sexual containers for her and her Daddy.
  • Madison’s advice to parents who want to nurture erotic connection post-baby. She suggests reconnecting with your own body and your own sexuality first before worrying about connecting with a partner.
  • Madison’s new book on BDSM and connection called “Surrender.” It’s all about mindfulness, breathing, and energy work through pain, through spankings, through submission. It’s a marriage of tantric practices and kink.
  • Her definition of surrender and how raw and vulnerable it is – exposing ourselves to the person or people we are connecting with. Madison talks about how surrender is for both the submissive and the Dominant, which is where beautiful connections come from.
  • How do people start down the path of vulnerability and surrender if it’s super scary or new for them?
  • One of Madison’s most fond memories of submission with her Daddy, which is also written about in her book, “Daddy: A Memoir.”
  • Why Madison is so grateful that so much of her journey has been documented and what it means to her to have these images.

Resources mentioned in this episode

“Daddy: A Memoir” by Madison Young

“DIY Porn Handbook: A How-To Guide to Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution” by Madison Young

“The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood: Passionate Practical Advice for Moms” by Madison Young

Erotic Film School

About Madison Young

MadisonMadison Young is an artist and activist dedicated to creating space for revolutionary love. This body-based performance artist grew up in the suburban landscape of Southern Ohio before moving to San Francisco in 2000. Since then this Midwestern gal has dedicated her days to facilitating safe space to dialogue on the topic of fringe identities and cultures as well as documenting healthy expression of sexuality.

Young’s breadth of work, in the realm of her artistic manifestations, intersects the fields of sexuality, identity, and pornography. Her work spans from documenting our sexual culture in her Internationally screened and award-winning feminist erotic films to having served as the Artistic Director of the forward-thinking nonprofit arts organization Femina Potens Art Gallery for over a decade.

Young has exhibited Internationally with her performance art, video art installations, and photography.  Young values sexual freedom and self expression of queer identity in her work and has taught workshops, lectures, and acted as a panelist on the topics of sexuality, feminist porn studies, the politics of BDSM and queering the body with in the arena of performance art, at institutions including at Yale University, Hampshire College, Northwestern University, University of Toronto, University of Minnesota, and UC Berkeley.

Her memoir, Daddy, was published in February 2014 through Rare Bird.

Madison Young lives and creates work in Berkeley, California where she recently completed her second book The DIY Porn Handbook: Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution (Greenery Press).

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  • February 26, 2017