Sex Gets Real 139: Bush trends, munches, and myLAB Box

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I am so so so excited about hearing your voices and stories.

Anyway, back to this week’s episode. I have a ton of listener emails in the queue, so I was happy to get to a few this week on munches and online handles, pubic hair trends, and finding a sex position therapist.

Plus, if your wife says she can get a bunch of sex toys for super cheap, does that mean they’re bad? I weigh in on how to find affordable sex toys that are body safe.

Then, I chat with Lora Ivanova from myLAB Box, an at-home STI testing service for folks in the United States. She has soooooo much information on STIs, tests that doctors often miss, and ways to reduce stigma around something over 30% of us experience in our lives.

You can get 20% off STD and HIV test through myLAB Box until December 31, 2016 using code GIVETHANKS16.

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In this episode, you’ll hear me chat about:

  • What name you should use when you go to a BDSM munch – your online handle or your real first name? This listener question made me giggle because I did NOT think about having to say my screen name out loud to people and ended up super embarrassed at my first munch.
  • Advice I gave on the blog about a wife who hates her husband’s cum and his desire to enjoy oral sex with her. Check it out here.
  • A listener email asking if a bulk sex toys for cheap might be dangerous. I talk about feminist sex toy shops and JoEllen Notte’s amazing resource list, in addition to the podcast’s new resource list.
  • Sex positive and kink positive mental health professionals and where to find them. A listener who is an abuse survivor would like help in working through his trauma, but he doesn’t want to work with someone who is sex negative. You can find amazing folks at by Tristan Taormino and Kink Aware Professionals Directory on NCSF.
  • The importance of trying on different therapists/counselors until you find one that is a good fit for you. It can take several tries to find someone who’s approach and disposition feel like you can go deep and feel challenged in a helpful way.
  • Rachel wrote in asking if bush (or pubic hair) is back in. Last she heard, it was all about being bald and shaved. So, I weigh in on pubic hair trends. Yay body autonomy and doing whatever the fuck you want with your damn hair.
  • Lora Ivanova’s quest to make at-home STI testing accessible to folks throughout the U.S. (since universal healthcare still isn’t a thing in this country). myLAB Box is a tad pricey, but what it offers is an incredible service that can make knowing your STI status easier and more private than ever.
  • Rates of STIs in the U.S. and why it’s so important to reduce stigma and fear around these conversations and knowing your status. If testing is expensive, awkward, difficult to do, and potentially shame-filled, people just aren’t going to do it – which means STIs spread to folks who never even had the chance to opt-in or opt-out of that risk.
  • Doctors can stigmatize STI tests and many have zero comprehensive sex ed as part of their medical training. Being able to test at home and get prescriptions and support sounds amazing.
  • Different ways STIs are spread, which many people don’t know. We talk herpes, hepatitis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and more.

About myLAB Box

myLAB Box is a first-of-its-kind service that delivers STD screening solutions to your doorstep allowing you to keep private things private. Best of all, you can enjoy FREE prescriptions without setting a foot outside if you ever test positive. Uncomplicate your life and get results with a click!

We’ve worked with some of the best experts in the U.S. to design a program that allows you to screen anytime and anywhere. Each test can be completed in less than 5 minutes (including reading the instructions) with no need to drive, schedule appointments or wait in line. We will remind you when it’s time to test again so you will never have to worry or keep track. And best of all, our revolutionary system is so affordable, you won’t believe you ever lived without it.

Check them out at and follow them on Facebook.

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  • Dawn
  • December 11, 2016