Sex Gets Real Episode 124: Dylan is back this week!

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What can I even say about an episode that not only has Dylan, as the celesbian guest this week, but Dylan singing Rihanna? Yep.

It was amazing having Dylan back on the show, beer in hand, for a fun, frank discussion and answering listener questions. She has been working so hard that we’ve had virtually no time to catch up.

On this episode, we dig into strap-on sex, sex positions, cuckholding and sharing the fantasy, plus how to find your voice as a submissive and what to do if your new hook-up only likes one position. There’s a lot of laughing and over sharing, but you knew that.

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In this episode, Dawn and Dylan talk about:

  • A listener’s sex super power who wrote in with a nod to Dylan.
  • Tricks by Trish’s email with a new guy who only wants to do face-down anal and never switch it up or please her. What’s up with that and what should she do? We have thoughts. Dylan especially has feelings.
  • Cherry Blossom’s BDSM question – she’s in a Dom/sub arrangement and she thinks it’s time to branch out. But should she? Can submissions make their needs known? Should she take his word for it that it’s OK she experiment outside their dynamic? Being upfront about your needs is critical. As Princess Kali said a few weeks ago, kink is a team sport, so everyone’s voice matters equally.
  • Ways to practice using your voice to ask for what you want by making it a game with your partner.
  • Girl-on-top position and stamina issues. It’s not like you see in porn for most of us. There’s a huge difference between thrusting and bouncing movements, so the struggle is real. Don’t forget to incorporate clit stimulation.
  • Incorporating fantasy and dirty talk can be the deciding factor between intercourse feeling good and intercourse being mind-blowing for a partner.
  • Strap-ons are also for folks with a penis. Just sayin’.
  • Cuckholding and fantasizing about a stranger fucking your partner. A listener wants to know how to talk to his wife about wanting to see another man fuck her.

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  • Dawn
  • August 28, 2016