Sex Gets Real Episode 112: Butt stuff, vegan BDSM play, & insecurity in relationship


The podcast hit half a million downloads last week. So, as a great big thank you, I’m hosting a giveaway and the winner gets an njoy 11 worth $310. Check out the details here. Enter before June 12th!

Also, because it was such a huge week, I wanted to spend a little quality time with you. Despite having so many incredible interviews lined up and ready to go, I really wanted to field a few terrific emails and get cozy with you.

Oh, and be sure to pop over to Kickstarter to check out the new sex game Weapons of Mass Seduction. It looks awesome and inclusive.

In this episode, Dawn:

  • Answers a question from Britt about wanting to toss her husband’s salad (aka analingus) but being afraid of poop in her mouth. What can she do?
  • Shares a little confession after audiophile wrote in commenting on some sound issues.
  • Helps a vegan pain slut to track down some delicious and kinky retailers in the U.K. for cruetly-free BDSM gear like floggers, whips, and crops. (Links to all the sites mentioned are down below.)
  • Rolls around in a sweet and vulnerable question from a young listener named DonkeyPunch about his fear that he isn’t good enough for his girlfriend, despite her assurance that he is. It’s all about trust, vulnerability, insecurity, and staying open even when it’s scary.
  • Explores some options for New Cowgirl, who recently tried the reverse cowgirl sex position with her husband and experienced some ouchy pain. Is it her or is something wrong?

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Resources discussed in this episode


Impact Toys

Ds Whips

Jacks Floggers

Trussed UK

Vegan Kink

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On this week's episode of Sex Gets Real, Dawn Serra flies solo to celebrate the podcast hitting half a million downloads. She also fields question about analingus and poop, being a vegan and a painslut in the U.K., a high schooler doesn't believe his girlfriend, and one listener says her attempt at reverse cowgirl went wrong.

  • Dawn
  • June 5, 2016

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