Sex Gets Real Ep 108: Bad oral sex skills & orgasm troubles

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This week I’m chatting with Victoria Rosa, and we dive into her experiences with tantra and sacred spot massage.

Victoria was a part of the Explore More Summit, and she’s absolutely divine when it comes to jealousy and relationship communication, especially around non-monogamy and conscious relationships.

In this episode, Victoria and I:

  • Talk about getting certified in tantra and how energetic sex can be a powerful force whether you’re woo-woo or a skeptic.
  • Explore how a ritual sacred spot massage completely changed Victoria’s sensitivity and sexual experience.
  • Tackle a question from a listener whose husband is horrible at oral sex, but thinks he’s the best. Should she tell him he sucks or is there a better way?
  • Dig into the importance of having conversations about the sex you’re having outside of the bedroom, including after action reports. Plus, Victoria shares a fun game that can help partners learn how to have better sex.
  • Unravel a delicious question from a listener who has an amazing boyfriend, but he always cums before her orgasm and she’s feeling rather frustrated. Add on to that they both struggle with anxiety, and sexual communication seems downright impossible. What can she do? Is the relationship doomed?

About Victoria Rosa

Victoria is an open relationship expert. She helps those starting out in the world of open relationships and polyamory have a wealth of fun and connection while maintaining healthy, strong relationships. She is passionate about enabling people to have the relationships they really want. She does this by helping them break through jealousy and learn important skills such as open communication and negotiation so that they can have confident and healthy open relationships.

You can find Victoria at and on Twitter @victoriarosaoa.

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On this week's episode of the Sex Gets Real podcast, Dawn Serra is joined by open relationship coach, Victoria Rosa. We talk tantra, sacred spot massage, challenging orgasms, anxiety, and a husband who thinks he is awesome at oral but his wife reports he's rather awful.

  • Dawn
  • May 8, 2016