Sex Gets Real Ep 107: Struggling to orgasm and FWB for 12 years

Prescott is back with more amazing advice and t-shirt ideas

Comedian and 4-Play Baltimore host, Prescott Gaylord, joins us for a second HIQI.

Listener Dannyle wants to know how to talk to the guy she’s dating about the fact that she can’t orgasm from partnered sex. She cums on her own, but when she’s with someone else, it just doesn’t happen. How can she share that without turning it into a challenge?

Then, Stage Fright, a listener who has been in a friends with benefits situation for 12 years, wants to know being in a FWB for that long is normal.

In this episode, Prescott and Dawn:

  • Have a delicious discussion about orgasms. Partners should never turn the quest for orgasm into a personal goal, nor should orgasm be the end-all-be-all of a sexual experience.
  • Explore what is important to communicate during sex and what your responsibilities are and aren’t.
  • Bring up sexism. Prescott beautifully shares why it’s toxic for men, too.
  • Field a question from a listener who has had a long-term friends with benefits situation. Is it normal? Is it healthy? We dig it.

About Prescott Gaylord

Prescott Gaylord is the former Artistic Director of the Baltimore Improv Group, and creator of ‘Unscripted – an improvised play in two acts,’ a show that has enjoyed 3 sold out runs in Baltimore over the past 3 years. He has directed large and small scale improvised projects in Baltimore and other cities including ‘The Movement’ (with The Collective), ‘Skinesthesia’, Improvised Burlesque (with Gilded Lily Burlesque), ‘Secrets’ (with various actors), ‘A Graveyard Bride,’ and Political Improv (with KAL). He currently performs with Lekker and Evan the Loyal, and coaches projects and classes with the Baltimore Improv Group. He has performed in and directed shows in improv festivals in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Austin, New York, and Chicago.

Prescott is also one of the creators of 4-Play Baltimore, a comedy and sex education show. You can check out the show on iTunes and Twitter @4playbaltimore. You can also follow Prescott @prescottgaylord on Twitter, too.

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On this week's episode of the Sex Gets Real podcast, Dawn Serra is joined by comedian Prescott Gaylord. They field questions on being in a long-term friends with benefits situation and also how to tell a new partner that you don't orgasm with partnered sex.

  • Dawn
  • May 1, 2016