About the Podcast

Whether you're looking for advice on navigating an open relationship or you're desperate for a way to spice things up in the bedroom, Sex Gets Real is your no-holds-barred resource for all things sex.

But let's get one thing straight - this is not a show by a licensed professional or a medical doctor, so take my advice at your own risk (or reward).

It all started in January 2014, when Dawn Serra and Dylan Payne heard some horrible advice about strap-on sex on a podcast.

Deciding the world needed our voices, we grabbed a recorder and started talking. No planning, no experience in podcasting. Just a need to set the record straight in our own silly, loving ways.

After two years, Dylan had to leave the show for professional reasons, and since then, Dawn Serra has taken over, interviewing world-renowned experts and fielding your amazing questions while taking the show to new heights.

Have questions about safe sex? Send them over.

Think your fantasy is weird and fucked up? Let's talk about it.

Shopping for a new dildo or curious about strap-on play? That's a fun one to discuss.

Dying to open your marriage or about to cheat on your partner? Yep... there's advice for that, too.

Sex Gets Real is an honest, down-to-earth look at sex, BDSM, kink, relationships, masturbation, queer culture, and everything in between.

The goal of the show is to offer a sex-positive, kink-informed, trauma-informed, feminist, queer look at sex that's free of shame, coercion, and the harmful myths perpetuated by society.

And your participation is critical.

So share your opinions, your questions, your concerns, and anything else you want to say - but please, keep it respectful - unsolicited dick pics or overly sexual messages about us get you tossed out for good.

Use the Send a Note page, and don't forget to subscribe to the podcast and newsletter. You won't want to miss a single sex tip or product review...there might even be some on-air reviews, too. Scintillating!

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Sex Gets Real host, Dawn Serra

About the host: Dawn Serra

Dawn Serra is a sex educator, sex and relationship coach, trauma survivor, fat activist, podcaster, & lecturer.

Wielding over 15 years of coaching experience, plus completion of Level 1 & 2 Clinical Training through Gottman Method Couples Therapy, Dawn is leading a revolution in vulnerable relating, courageous communication, and sexual liberation.

Besides running the Sex Gets Real podcast, she also works one-on-one and with couples' doing relationship and intimacy coaching. 

Curious about coaching? Pop over to dawnserra.com/work-with-me to check out the details. If you decide to book a session, mention the show and get 10% off your 1st payment.

Dawn has lectured at George Washington University and Catholic University, and presented at the Gender, Bodies, and Technology conference by Virginia Tech and the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

When she isn't talking, writing, researching, and coaching about sex and relationships, Dawn is usually cuddled up with her cats, adventuring with her husband, or dominating at game night with friends.

You can follow Dawn's adventures on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.